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A proper septic installation is the key to keeping your home running smoothly.

Pumping & Cleaning

Regular septic tank pumping can prevent all sorts of major issues and problems that can occur.


Since your septic tank is hidden underground, it can be easy to overlook a problem that is starting to develop.

Repair & Maintenance

When things go wrong with your septic tank, you wind up with a gross mess that needs fixing ASAP.

How Often Should I Have My
Septic Tank Pumped?

There are multiple factors on how often you should have your system serviced (ex: how much water you are using, how many people live in the house). If you are taking care of your system generally it’s every 3-5 years.

Things to Consider:

1)     Am I inspecting annually and not just when a problem occurs?

2)     Practicing water conservation?

3)     Using septic safe toilet paper?

4)     Not using harsh chemicals?

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